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A sunroom is a great home addition that provides not only extra space, but a place to enjoy your garden whatever the weather. Sunrooms are additional rooms that are usually built right beside your garden, providing a transition between the inside and the outside. Sunrooms are usually open plan, but you can opt to have them attached to the main house through a traditional door or sliding door. A sunroom is designed to be as light and airy as possible and will usually either be constructed almost entirely of glass or another see through material, or will have many large windows.

Sunrooms can be used in many different ways, and the way you want to use your sunroom will have a bearing on what options you go for when deciding on the kind of sunroom you want to have.

Some sunrooms are designed to allow you to enjoy your garden when the weather is good or moderate outside, making the most of the natural heat and light of the day. They can make elegant entertainment spaces or lovely light family living spaces, but may not be suitable during the colder months.

If you live in a colder climate, you might like to consider a three or even four season sunroom which is designed to be comfortable all year round. These rooms employ heating and cooling to keep the temperature ambient and enjoyable whatever the weather is doing outside.

There are two main options for sunroom roofing – clear or covered. Glass roofs hark back to the elegant conservatories of Victorian England, and can provide a great period look. Depending on the climate where you live, a glass roof might let in too much sun in the summer, making your sunroom uncomfortably warm. If that's the case, consider a covered roof to cut out the direct sun, while still making the most of the sun through the windows.

Sunroom flooring is often tile or slate, which looks elegant and is hard wearing. A stone finish really adds to the feeling of the room being an extra outside space to be enjoyed year round. Some sunrooms do have traditional floor coverings such as carpet, especially if they are family living spaces, while cork is always a popular option, offering warmth and a little bit of tropical chic.

With good planning, a sunroom will provide you with extra living and entertaining space which is perfect for breakfast overlooking the garden or having friends round on a summer evening. A sunroom is often a unique selling point on a house and can increase the value of your property.

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