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Garages & Carports

A garage or carport is a valuable addition to any home. Whether you are having your garage or carport built to extend your existing home, or you have a garage and carport that you want to renovate, there are a wide variety of options available to you. A garage or carport should fit in well with your home and not seem like an afterthought, or have a “tacked on” look.

If you already have a garage, you may decide to renovate it. There are lots of options for renovating a garage. You could simply go for a clean up, fixing any structural problems and giving your garage an overhaul. Or, you might find you want to replace a leaky roof, get a more modern door fitted, or even re-floor it. Of course a garage is there for your car, but there are many other uses for a garage that you might want consider. Garages make great, secure storage, and adding or remodeling a garage can make it into an accessible storage space that frees up space inside your home. Garages also make wonderful workrooms, and you might decide to have counters, a sink or work benches fitted to make the most of the space.

Paint and flooring options for garages need to be hard wearing and weather proof. For cars, a simple cement floor is of course adequate, but if you are looking for a workroom you might opt for slate tiling or indoor outdoor carpet for a slightly more homely look. Garage renovations can also involve wiring the garage up for power points and light, which will make even more of your space.

For a new garage, one of the top considerations is the door. You can also opt to have the door replaced on an existing garage. As well as the more traditional up and over opening, you can opt for a sectional garage door that opens vertically in sections. These are particularly useful if space is at a premium.

Car ports also make great additions to homes, providing a covered over space for your vehicle or other storage. A car port can be a good choice if you don't want or don't have room for a garage. With some planning and design, a carport can be constructed to complement your existing home in terms of both style and materials. Carports can have roofs constructed out of a wide range of materials, including treated lumber, aluminum, brick and fiberglass. With so many options, it's easy to fit the look of your carport to your home.

Garages and car ports add useful storage and workspace to your home as well as providing shelter for your vehicles, and can add value to your home.

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