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Attic Conversion

If you're looking to expand your living space, make the most of your home's assets, and increase the value of your home, an attic conversion is a fantastic option. The attic is often an under-used space, where unwanted items are stored. Getting an attic conversion involves remodeling the attic into another room and making good use of that space. There are several options for an attic conversion.

Making another bedroom is a popular choice for attic conversions. The location upstairs makes it a natural choice for adding another bedroom to your home, often in close proximity to your existing bedrooms. The sloping eaves of an attic bedroom can lend a quirky charm that gives real character. There are plenty of lighting options such as skylights for an open, modern feel, or dormer windows to let in plenty of light while retaining a rustic vibe.

Attics also make fantastic family rooms, TV rooms or dens, being cozy and tucked away from the main house. The space can be remodeled into a warm, welcoming space where the family can relax and watch TV or play games, or the kids can go to play and have their own space away from the grown ups!

Another popular choice for smaller attic spaces is adding another bathroom to the house. An attic bathroom can be designed to be warm, with any kind of decor or look you can imagine.

Some people choose to convert their attics into a home office – being on their own floor at the top of the house offers plenty of scope for creating a peaceful office where home business owners can work undisturbed, or studying teens can get some peace and quiet to learn.

A good attic conversion requires good planning so you can decide what you want out of your space, and what it will take you to get there. Attic projects usually require rewiring alongside the physical changes, and some projects will need some plumbing too. Adding windows and access that still allows for privacy are also important points to consider. With some forethought, your attic can be remodeled into an additional and much-loved room, making the most of the space in your house and giving it extra value.

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