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Interior & Exterior Painting

There's nothing like a lick of paint to boost your home inside and out. There are many options available for both interior and exterior painting, so it's always worth getting professional advice and taking your time to make sure that you make the right choice for you and your home.

If you're looking to do some interior painting, there are plenty of options available. A good paint job gives a room a beautiful and long lasting finish, and you can even incorporate paint that guards against mold and mildew if you happen to live in a damp area.

Matt paints are a great choice for living and dining areas, and are available in an almost endless array of shades and finishes to match your room theme. Matt paint covers imperfections for a clean finish.

Semigloss has a bit more of a sheen and is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens as it's more resistant to damp and can also weather those knocks and chips that come with wear and tear.

Satin and eggshell both give a more elegant, delicate sheen and are suitable for bedrooms or quiet family rooms – they give a lovely finish but aren't well suited to high traffic rooms.

Gloss is used for woodwork and trimmings to add a lustrous color and sheen.

When it comes to interior painting, the keys to success are cleaning and preparing your surfaces, including using filler and primer if needed, and planning out your color scheme and painting method carefully.

For exterior painting, your options are more limited in terms of materials, but you'll still find a wide range of colors to complement your home. Exterior painting doesn't just affect the look of a house, it is also a valuable part of protecting it from the elements, and from damp and mildew. That's why a well done exterior paint job is a must. Most exterior painting is done using one of three types of paint.

Latex or acrylic (thinned latex) are fast drying, durable, and naturally mildew resistant. Alkyd paints are a type of synthetic resin which are good for painting over older painted surfaces, while oil based paints are slower drying but can be very durable.

Whatever you choose, your home paint choices can really make a house a home, adding character and value.

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