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Basement Renovation

Your basement can be one of your home's greatest assets. A well designed basement area can add value to your home and provide some much-needed family space, or the perfect place for entertaining. It's all too easy to use a basement as a receptacle for all those things you don't use that often, and a basement can soon become cluttered. Not to mention the surroundings may not be the most inspiring. Our experts can work with you to remodel your basement into a much-loved addition to your home that your family will enjoy spending time in.

A basement remodel will blow off the dust and provide you with a room with the theme you like best – whether elegant, homely, welcoming, or relaxing. There are many different ways you can make use of your basement – the limit really is your imagination.

For those with growing families, a basement makes a fantastic play area with plenty of space to store toys in a warm, cozy environment. Why not add a games room for older kids and adults? Most basements have plenty of space for a pool table or darts board, turning them into a hub of fun and entertainment for your family to spend quality time together.

Or how about a home entertainment den? A basement is the perfect place to curl up with some popcorn and enjoy the latest movies, or enjoy the excitement of a favorite video game. For some time out from work or school, a basement can be converted into cozy, relaxing surroundings.

Basements also make wonderful entertainment spaces. From plentiful seating and sideboards to your own walk-behind bar, renovation can take a basement from storage space to sophisticated entertainment space.

If you're interested in health and wellness, a basement is a great location for your own personal home gym, yoga space or Pilates studio. Hobbyists can find space for their favorite past times, while families looking to expand their living space will find the basement provides space for an extra bathroom, bedroom or sitting room.

The real beauty of basement renovation is that you can combine options to make the perfect basement for your family. From a relaxing bedroom and a home office to a movie den with entertainment area, a well planned out basement remodel makes a valuable addition to your lifestyle.

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