Bathroom Remodel: Pros and Cons of Glass Tile

Bathroom Remodel: Pros and Cons of Glass Tile

When planning a bathroom remodel, one of the most important components is the tile. There are so many different types, patterns, colors and designs to choose from. Glass tile has recently become very popular. If you’re considering glass tile, here are the pros and cons of this particular type of tile:

Glass Tile Pros

  • Glass tile is one of the most beautiful types of tile that you could install in your bathroom, especially if you’re looking to achieve a unique appearance.
  • Glass tile comes in a wide variety of mosaics and colors, which make your options for design virtually limitless.
  • Glass tile effectively reflects light, which helps make your bathroom appear brighter and larger. This is important in smaller spaces.
  • Glass tile is translucent, which allows an extra sense of dimension and depth.
  • Glass tile is extremely low maintenance. All it takes is a clean cloth and window cleaner to keep your glass tile sparkly and new-looking. This makes it extremely easy to remove any soap scum build-up in the shower area.

Glass Tile Cons

  • If you’re planning on a complete DIY installation, glass tile may not be the best choice. Although not the most difficult, glass tile is not the easiest type of tile to install. It will almost always require an expert.
  • Glass tile is expensive, especially when compared to ceramic tile. So, if you have a tight budget, glass tile costs twice as much as ceramic and may not be the best choice. Instead, glass tile should be used as an accent instead of the entire covering.
  • The reflective surface of glass tile is just as much a con as it is a pro. This is because the glass tile shows imperfections easily, such as fingerprints. If you don’t enjoy cleaning tile frequently, then you may want to opt for something besides glass.
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