Deck Building: 5 Trends to Consider Incorporating

Deck Building: 5 Trends to Consider Incorporating

If you are considering having a contractor come out and add value to your home, then you are probably thinking about having a deck built onto the back of your home. This can give your home’s value a significant boost add some incredible curb appeal as well. If you’re wondering what type of deck you should build or type of design elements you should incorporate, here are some trends you should consider:

  • Composite Materials – Composite materials will often combine wood fibers and recycled plastics and are low-maintenance, especially when compared to wood decking, which is by the way susceptible to cracking, warping and splintering. Unfortunately, it does cost more.
  • Gray Decks – Gray is becoming a very popular color for decks, as more and more homeowners are turning away from the primary deck color of brown.
  • Two-Toned Boards – Solid colors aren’t necessarily bad, but many homeowners are beginning to consider opting for two-toned boards to add some depth and character to their backyard deck.
  • Multi-Level Decks – For a unique, eye-popping design, consider a multi-level deck. With this type of deck, you can have two separate areas from which you can entertain. You can have a main deck that will allow primary interaction among guests as well as a second deck that offers more intimate interaction or a play area for children.
  • Curved Designs – Rectangular decks are popular, but homeowners don’t have to stick with a plain and simple deck any longer. Composite boards can be heated up so that they can be curved, yet still rigid and durable. This allows for homeowners to receive a much more custom deck design that fits their individual personality.

If you’re interested in new deck construction, contact us at Structure Remodeling. Whether you have something in mind or don’t have a clue as to what you want, we can help you!

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