Attic Conversion Huntsville AL

Attic Conversion Huntsville AL

If you're looking to add living space and value to your home, an attic conversion is a versatile choice that can yield some very attractive results. Your attic is often unused space – or perhaps used to store all those odds and ends you hardly ever need – and that space can be converted into a beautiful, comfortable room for your family.

Making The Most Of Your Roof Space

There are several different ways to convert your attic, and our expert team can discuss your best options with you. Some of the most common attic conversion options include:

  • Adding skylights for bright, natural light
  • Adding dormer windows for extra light and space
  • Converting the slanted end of your roof into a gable end for added space

Depending on the existing shape of your roof and attic space, we will help you design a new space that is just right for your home and family. From where to put the stairs and whether to opt for a traditional or spiral staircase, to all your plumbing, electricity and lighting needs, the end result will be a beautiful attic conversion that fits your family and home.

Attic Conversion Possibilities

There are plenty of ways you can use your attic to add living space to your home.

  • Bedrooms are a popular choice, resulting in a chic bedroom tucked under the eaves
  • Smaller attics lends themselves well to adding an extra bathroom to your home
  • The attic provides a good quiet space for a study, home office or reading area
  • Families with children can add a playroom or characterful family den
  • The top of the house is a lovely choice for a chic, relaxing lounge room

Converting your attic gives a new lease of life to spare space in your home, while adding value and character. Our experienced team will convert your attic to make the best of the space and the available natural light for a beautiful, livable result that will stand the test of time. All of our materials and workmanship are backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call today to find out what we can do for your attic.

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